Apartments & chalets to Lermoos

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In the beginning, PURE was nothing but an idea. It was a dream, taking shape step by step. Once our dream was becoming reality, we asked ourselves: what makes a holiday truly special? To answer this question, we recalled the most beautiful holiday experiences we had collected over the years. They provided our inspiration. The chalets and apartments we have created in Lermoos are the result. We have designed them the way we imagine the perfect holiday retreat, with natural wood, refined details and in a perfect holiday location. Our guests enjoy loads of sunshine, sensational mountains, and luxurious beds inviting them to sleep in. Our spa reflects the homely ambience of our apartment concept throughout and allows you to relax in view of the stunning scenery of the Alps. What makes our PURE apartments and chalets in Lermoos so special is that we imagine what we would want to find in an unforgettable holiday in Tyrol, if we were to visit as guests, and design our offers and services accordingly.

Indulge in our cuisine and experience the tastes of the region.