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Wood is what holiday dreams in Tyrol are made of. It is known for its sleep-promoting properties, for creating healthy air in your room, and many more positive effects. When we designed our apartments and chalets, we therefore tried to include as much of this natural feel-good material as possible, and took it straight from our surrounding forests. This is also one of the main reasons why our guests come back here again and again: only with us can they find apartments that combine the traditional living comforts of bygone days with modern-day convenience. Every detail of our rooms is an ode to Tyrolean lifestyle. With their panoramic views, our apartments also whet one’s appetite to explore the mountains of the Zugspitz Arena.

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 Find out and win! We said there would be 19 apartments. If you take a closer look, you will however find that this is not the case. And you are right. One apartment is missing. Find out which one and win a welcome surprise waiting for you in our apartment and chalet hotel in Lermoos. Simply give the number of the missing apartment when booking. We’ll give you a hint: it is not apartment number 13. You may look forward not only to your welcome present, but also to hearty Tyrolean cuisine at our restaurant 180°, to the best views from your feel-good apartment, to exclusive spa moments  against the backdrop of the Zugspitze and, of course, to authentic Tyrolean hospitality  in the best location.