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By clicking “Book now” and completing your booking you benefit from the best rate for direct bookings and can look forward to your room with a view of the stunning village of Lermoos. Believe us: it will make you feel great! Once you have received your booking confirmation, you can start counting the days while looking forward in joyful anticipation. Enjoy the best prospects of a stay in one of our beautiful apartments or chalets in Lermoos. Here we have gathered all the information on booking for you at a glance. We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Cancellation &
booking information

Safety measures, due to COVID-19
We have put in place all necessary protocols to provide a safe stay for our guests and a safe workplace for our staff members. But the extraordinary challenges, we are facing at the moment, do not prevent us from welcoming you with the warm and personal service, that you are used to.


General Terms of Cancellation
according to the Austrian General Terms and Conditions for the Hotel Industry 

- cancellations up to 3 months prior to arrival: free of charge
- cancellations up to 1 month prior to arrival: 40% of booking price
- cancellations up to 1 week prior to arrival: 70% of booking price
- cancellations less than 1 week prior to arrival: 90% of booking price


Cancellations, due to COVID-19
If travelling to the PURE resort should not be possible, due to measures taken by the authorities (like border closings, travel restrictions or mandatory self-isolation) you can cancel your stay free of charge at any time.

Do you have any questions? Please send an e-mail to We are already looking forward to your stay at the PURE resort!


Bank data:
IBAN: AT04 3621 9000 0005 1763
Please note, that we will not defray the fees for bank transfers.

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